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Audio Mastering is the final stage in the production process. We offer a range of professional audio services online.

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Turnaround Time: Podcast Editing and Mastering are approx 2-4 working days. Thank You


Place your order for podcast editing and mastering services at the bottom of this page or use our instant quote. Send Media via our upload system. Provide us with a brief description of what you are looking for within your podcast editing requirement.


We will confirm receipt of work as soon as possible by email. ST Mastering will review your materials along with any notes you have provided. We will book your podcast editing and mastering sessions and provide you with an estimated delivery timeline by email.


We will carefully edit your podcast episodes to provide you with coherent dialog by removing UMs, AHs, repeated words, and outtakes plus any specific editing requirements you may have. We can add your existing intros and outros. We will then process your recordings using the latest dialog processing technologies to provide you with a professional sounding audio master, optimised for playback podcast platforms.


All podcasts are edited and mastered in real-time through precision audio engineering processes. When using our podcast editing and mastering service, you can be assured that we will ensure every podcast delivered to you is a consistent, high-quality commercial product, that translates across all podcast platforms. Once your content is ready, we will deliver it to you by email or you can download using your online account with us.

Once you’ve recorded your podcast it's time to have it edited & mastered. Editing your podcast will make it come across as professional program material that your listeners will engage and subscribe to. Removing ums and ahs, stutters, and noise from the content. This element of work not only your podcast sound good but will increase the listening and engagement time. These edits are made seamlessly so that listeners are not interrupted with less than ideal cuts or edits.

With our podcast editing service, based in Belfast. We spend a minimum of 2 hours on every 30 minutes of audio. Our team of dedicated podcast engineers will edit, master, and more importantly, take the hassle out of it for you. We are a service you can rely on to make your podcast content the best it can be and deliver within our timelines.

A podcast content creator spends on average 30 minutes to 1-hour recording, then a significant amount of hours trying to get the audio to sound just right. You can now stop wasting hours of your time dealing with the technical aspects of podcast audio editing and podcast mastering and let us handle all the technical work so you can spend more time dealing with high-impact tasks.

We will edit your podcast so that it has a good story flow. We have edited 4000+ podcasts so we know how to edit, and shape dialogue to captivate your audience. Once the podcast edits have taken place for your show, we will then process the audio through our award winning podcast mastering service based in Belfast. it so it has consistent volume & optimal sonics for all podcast playback platforms.

What To Expect

  • Seamless podcast audio editing.
  • A podcast editor you can rely on.
  • Removal of ums and ahs, stutters, repeated words, and outtakes.
  • Improving the clarity and definition to increase dialog intelligibility.
  • Optimising overall dynamics and peak volume.
  • Custom Signal Flow techniques for podcast mastering.
  • Remove background Noise using Emmy Award-Winning technology.
  • Signal Processing, Compression & EQ.
  • Fades/Crossfades, Error Check.
  • Append Podcast Intros and Outros
  • Audio mastered to podcast platform specifications
  • Correct track spacing and timing alignment



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Once your media ready to send. Upload directly by clicking here Please send us your podcast audio file in the highest resolution possible. If there is anything you would like us to do specifically then please let us know when sending work. Our podcast editing company uses secure socket layer technology (SSL) and payments are secured with AES-256 bit encryption. We are PCI-DSS compliant. We accept Debit and Credit Cards Paypal, Bank Transfer, and Crypto payments in the following currencies ETH / BTC. If you would like to avail of any of these payment options please contact us.


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