Audio Book Recording Services

Personal audio apps are now a staple in modern day society. Everywhere you go you’ll see familiar headphones such as Apple’s Air Pods in someone's ears. More and more people are now using their mp3 players not only to listen to music, but to gain knowledge or enter into stories via audiobooks. With the fast paced lifestyles we live, it’s no wonder that audiobook sales are soaring. We can multi-task by listening to audiobooks as we work, exercise, clean the house, commute to work, or even just listen to as we fall asleep.

Audiobook Publishing Growth

Many customer bases love listening to sales & motivation audiobooks. Students are listening to literature on their iPods as audiobooks. People are learning foreign languages with audiobooks. And couples are saving their relationships by listening to audiobooks. The global audiobook industry in 2015 was evaluated at 2.8 billion usd and this is due to the amount of new audiobook titles that were produced in 2015. 43,000 new audiobooks were released, which is an increase from the 36,000 that came out in 2014 and only 20,000 released in 2013.

ACX Audiobook Production Standards

If you want to submit your audiobook to Audible, Apple or Amazon and are doing it yourself, things will get advanced in terms of audio book production standards. As an audio book production company we know you have to record your books in segments, chapter by chapter. You can’t record one file that is 4 hours. Each uploaded file must have specific editing and audio mastering attributes applied. At the store end the work is fully reviewed to ensure the files are free of extraneous sounds such as noise, clicks, excessive mouth noise. IF they are not, The will be rejected from the store and you will be asked to fix them. Each uploaded file must measure between at a certain loudness range in RMS format.

Making An Audiobook

Thats where we come in recording audio books, we offer various packages to fully narrate, produce and or edit your audiobook at affordable rates that won’t break the bank. Our expertly trained audio team will make sure the audio book production process is of box office standard quality to guarantee stores accept your audiobook on it’s first submission. You can find put more about our audiobook production services here or contact us to discuss your project.