Please send pre masters in the same resolution of the mix-down session in .wav or aiff format. As with all pre masters, send with headroom for optimal results. You can upload using our “send files” page on our website or you can email links to - Once received at our end, one of our team will be in touch to confirm receipt and will inform you of an estimated delivery date.
For same day mastering, A priority fee of £20 (Subscribers £10) is added to your order. Please contact first with all details to confirm we can accommodate to your requirement.
You can pay our fees in 2 ways. 1) Single one off mastering purchase. 2) Purchase a mastering subscription. Our mastering subscriptions suit the needs of clients who are involved in long term projects such as labels, full time artists and producers. In return for a subscription you receive an enhanced lower fee. We offer a wide range of subscriptions from monthly to annually. For mastering prices, Check out our homepage by selecting our mastering logo at the top left on this page, then select pricing.
You may cancel your subscription at anytime. Just send us an email and we will cancel your package. When you cancel your subscription your remaining allowance will be forfeited and services rendered as complete.
Yes, All masters that were part of your previous package are rolled over into your new active subscription at any time.


– It is important to follow these guidelines in order to avoid unnecessary delay.

– If mixing more than 1 song, please indicate the order in which the songs are to be mixed.

– It is important to include a rough mix, either by mp3 or wav for us to reference when completing our initial review.

1) File format: Send each stem in the highest resolution possible from the source recording project in wav or aiff format, Avoid sending unintentional clipped or distorted stems. Ensure all stems are sent in singular format. For example do not combine various stems into 1 stem to lower stem count our fee is the same anyway.

2) Managing a session: Only one folder should be sent for each song. It should be labeled as “(Song title – BPM)”. No other session files should be included. It should be notated clearly and correctly so there is no misunderstanding what a part is. Parts that are not to be used should not be included.

3) Export Stems: Record any effects that are part of the tracks-integrity into the stem. All automation should be removed from your session and included in each audio stem that you’re happy with.

4) Track Labelling: Since there is no standard for this, We ask you to spend some time and label the instruments so there is no guessing what they are. As with all projects, song notes are helpful for specific requirements and the overall objective.

As with all mix projects, it will depend on your requirement. We will give you a timeline once we have received the work sent to us.


Yes, We can accommodate for custom intro and outro music production to your specification. We work with a wide range of voice over artists from around the world to suit your demographic. We have a dedicated team to edit and master your podcast content. Get in touch with us to discuss further via our contact page. Or email