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ST MASTERING Mixdown Guidelines

– It is important to follow these guidelines to avoid unnecessary delay.

– If mixing more than 1 song, please indicate the order in which the songs are to be mixed.

– It is important to include a rough mix, either by MP3 or WAV for us to reference when completing the initial review.

Managing Multi-Track Session Audio Files

1) File format: Send each stem in the highest resolution possible from the source recording project in WAV or AIFF format, Avoid sending unintentional clipped or distorted stems. Ensure all multitrack stems are sent in singular format. For example, do not combine various stems into 1 stem to lower stem count unless these are creative decisions involved.

2) Managing a session: Only one folder should be sent for each song. It should be labeled as “(Song title – BPM)”. No other session files should be included. It should be notated clearly and correctly so there is no misunderstanding of what a part is. Parts that are not to be used should not be included.

3) Exported Multi-track Stems: Commit any effects that are part of the tracks-integrity into the stem. All automation should be removed from your session and included in each audio stem.

4) Track Labelling: Since there is no standard for this, We ask you to spend some time and label the instruments so there is no guessing what they are. As with all projects, song notes are helpful for specific requirements and the overall objective.