What are Native Instruments STEMS?

Native instruments have come up with a new file format aimed at giving DJs and artists more flexibly with their live performances. Allowing them to create new edits or mix songs with only certain parts of the song playing. Such as the drums, or acapella. You get to control whats inside the song of your performances.

For use with Traktor

STEMS are an open file format created by Native Instruments for use on Traktor based systems. They allow DJs to break down a STEMS format song into 4 separate elements such as drums, bass, melody and fx / vocals

With each element available individually. Here’s an example of how they could be put to use

You have 2 songs in STEMS format.

STEMS Song A you’re playing the FX and MELODIES only

STEMS Song B you’re playing the DRUMS and BASS only

You have a new mash up readily available!

What’s the advantage of having my music in STEMS format?

More and more online stores such as Beatport, Traxsource, Juno Download, now offer STEMS format to their customers. You are tapping into a new consumer base and they want more flexibility in their performances. With that comes a higher price point than standard mp3 downloads raising your revenue streams!

We offer Native Instruments STEMS mastering, Here’s what you need to do to prepare your audio:

Prepare your stems by separating your elements into 4 parts, Export 1 stem for the following areas:

1. Drums

2. Bass

3. Melody or Music

4. Vocals or FX

Once received we will master them to the Native Instruments STEMS format. Because there is 4 elements to it, there is a different mastering process involved so that your STEMS mastered version remains consistent to a standard master. Start now by uploading your project here

What's everyone else saying?

"It's been a long time since something totally new has been introduced to the dance music scene that has the potential to change how we go about our business, and Stems is an exciting look into this future."

DJ Mag

"Stems opens up a whole new world – it’ll be exciting to see what creative DJs will come up with now."


Ready to start incorporating STEMS into your project? If you've any more questions contact us for more info, we'd be glad to help!