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2020 Vision Belfast Recording Studio
Sony Music Audio Mastering
Extended Play Mastering By ST Mastering
Ultra Audio Mastering
Warner Music Audio Mastering
BBC Radio Audio Mastering

Lead time is approx 2 weeks from submission of release


Selling your music online has never been easier. Send us your tracks for distribution. You can release directly to stores such as iTunes, Beatport and Spotify. You can choose to set up your own record label or just submit your singles to stores through us. There are no set up fees or one time payments. Release as many albums as you like.


Provide us with the release information such as the artist and track title names. Provide a write up about the release. We will even take care of ISRC codes. Then tell us how, when and where you want it to be released.


Our distribution review team will ensure your music is good to go. We will then start delivering your music to through to online stores. Your release will then become live on each store platform worldwide.


We report & pay your sales within 30 days after the end of each quarter. Payments are made by Paypal or Bank Transfer. We take a transparent 20% commission from your sales.

Mastering is the final step in transforming your tracks into a professional release standard. We offer a wide range of professional online audio mastering services. We are recognised for having a unique & easy to use remote audio service for all your audio editing, audio mixing & audio mastering needs. We've developed our own signature sound mastering process exclusive to our online mastering facility

You can achieve the highest level of quality without breaking your bank balance.Our services are within reach of all project budgets. Based on evolved business models we believe in bringing value to all of our clients and thats why we have grown to be the international choice for online audio mastering

Our core objective is to have strong commitment to our clients. We don't offer a one size fits all service. Every single master is created using our very own ST Mastering signature techniques while maintaining the integrity of your music and media.

What To Expect

Competitive Rates. Reliable Music Distribution

If you are interested in setting up your own record label for digital distribution. Contact us directly to discuss your requirement by clicking here